Improving the gospel?

Why did God send his Son into the world?  This very basic question is controversial…again. There is a movement within broader Conservative Evangelicalism in South Africa to be critical of the gospel of “Eternal Salvation” that Conservative Evangelicalism has always cherished. This movement seeks to redefine the gospel to include a physical/political/ temporal liberation of… Continue reading Improving the gospel?

Why we can still sing (some) Hillsong and Bethel songs

Hillsong and especially Bethel Church seem to have lost the gospel plot.  Many of Hillsong’s teaching and practices go beyond what the Bible teaches and at times distorts what the Bible teaches.  Many of Bethel’s beliefs and practices are simply Christianized paganism. And yet, within these two umbrella church organizations, there are many Christians, Christian… Continue reading Why we can still sing (some) Hillsong and Bethel songs

Jesus’ letter to progressive churches

Many churches and denominations have embraced a progressive sexual ethic in keeping with the spirit of our age.  Behaviour and practices that have for hundreds of years been considered wrong, are now being condoned and celebrated, particularly in the sexual arena. Cohabitation, same-sex unions and transgender ideology, to name a few. In the name of… Continue reading Jesus’ letter to progressive churches

Would the real Christian please stand up?

What is a Christian?  This is a good question in today’s world. Some would say a “good” person, someone who tries to be kind, loving, neighbourly, humble and doesn’t curse in traffic. Others would say a churchgoer or religious person. Still others might say someone who lives by the golden rule: do to others as… Continue reading Would the real Christian please stand up?