The faithlessness of the Word of Faith movement

I’m sure you’ve had contact with the “Word of Faith” movement.  They’re the well-meaning folk who say things like, “You just have to have enough faith”, or “If you speak life into it, it will come true”.

According to Wikipedia,

“The Word of Faith (WoF) movement has many distinctive teachings including physical, emotional, financial, relational, and spiritual healing or prosperity for any who has the right, belief-filled confession. The movement emphasizes choosing to speak the promises and provisions that the speaker wants, that agree with the Bible, as an act of faith and agreement with God’s plans and purposes. They believe this is what Jesus meant in Mark 11:22–23, when he said believers shall have whatsoever they say and pray with faith.”

The WoF people are the “Name it and Claim it” – by faith – people.  They believe that the Bible promises health, wealth and prosperity to all Christians – if they have enough faith.

One of the best example is Kenneth Copeland who recently bought himself a Gulfstream V Jet as it “will help him do the Lord’s work”.

The small problem with that the WoF movement is that God has never promised to give Christians health, wealth and prosperity.

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Why you should not be discouraged

FIFA-LogoYou are probably discouraged today.  The reason you are discouraged is that we are surrounded by bad news.  Bad news about our State president probably not paying back the money. Bad news about FIFA corruption.  Bad news about unemployment stats.  Bad news about the increase in the petrol price.  Bad news about crime.  Maybe even bad news about close friends or family.  It’s easy to become discouraged.  What we need is some good news.

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Claiming your miracle

I’m constantly surprised by the number of miracles crusades, healing services and even (I’m not lying!) raising the dead ceremonies in Cape Town in the name of Jesus. The basic premise underlying the theology of the organisers of these events is that signs, wonders and miracles should be common place in the Christian’s life. In fact, if they are not happening, you should doubt whether you are a real, bona fide Christian.