Religion Exposed!

The Tibetan Buddhists’ life consists of constant religious observances to obtain a better reincarnation. The believer is constantly spinning prayers wheels, going on pilgrimages, meditating, prostrating, using prayer beads and going on monastic isolations.  All this to build up merit to improve their karma to gain a better reincarnation, and – if possible – nirvana.

This kind of devotion is not uncommon.

The religious systems of our world are all schemes to obtain merit with God.

Whether you’re Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, a spiritualist, or whatever, you seek – by your own works – to get God to credit your salvation account.

Religion is spelt D.O. You DO things to get God’s approval.

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Are Christians called to Jihad? (part 2)

tank-203496_640I mentioned in my previous post that God used Old Testament Israel in “Holy War” in a very specific time and a very specific place.   The command to “devote to destruction” is no longer applicable because in Christ there is no one nation or ethnic group that can lay claim to be God’s special people or instruments of God’s judgment.  Now, in Christ, God is calling people from all the different nations of the world.  The commands applicable for us today is to do no murder; to love our enemies; to care for the vulnerable and foreigner; and to pray for those who persecute us.

However, Christians can learn much from the fact of Holy War in the Old Testament:

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Christianity vs. Islam in Isaiah

You may be excused for thinking that Isaiah 56:1 sounds a bit Islamic. God tells his people, “Maintain justice and do righteousness”.  

Islam teaches that a Muslim earns Allah’s favour by doing good deeds and keeping the five pillars of Islam – testimony, prayer, alms-giving, fasting, and taking a pilgrimage to Mecca.  You do righteousness in order to hopefully be righteous.   Is this what Isaiah is teaching?

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