Christian Worldview

Pastors as “Christian” witchdoctors in Africa

One of the contexts in which we do ministry in Africa is the background and influence of African Traditional Religion (ATR).

In African Traditional Religion(s) the sangoma (witchdoctor) has special access to God, the spirit world and the ancestors.

The sangoma is able to make contact with the spirit world in order to guarantee protection from evil spirits, to ensure good luck in a job interview or even to lift a curse someone else might have placed on you. The sangoma is able to provide blessing, healing, deliverance and protection (among other things).


Why there is no perfect church (yet)

findingSometimes we are surprised when we find sin in the church. We are shocked and disappointed. I am often comforted by what Bishop Frank Retief once told me, “Where there are sinners, there you will find sin.” These are wise words! Some Christians are forever searching for the “perfect”, sinless, pure church and end up wandering from church to church in their never-ending quest.

Paul’s greeting to the Corinthian church may be very encouraging to us. The Corinthian church was a community of Christians where there was sin; there were factions and disagreements; some were taking each other to court; and some where living in sexual immorality. Yet Paul addressed them as “the church of God in Corinth” (1 Corinthians 1:2). Despite all their failures and wrinkles they were still the church of God. We see in 1 Corinthians 1:9 that it’s because of God’s faithfulness, not theirs.


Why evolution does not make any sense

Mona lisaCall me naïve, but good science tells us that nothing comes from nothing. For this reason, believing the theory of Evolution/Big Bang is like walking into the Louvre in Paris and when seeing the Mona Lisa, thinking to yourself, “It’s amazing how with time and random chance, the paint ended up on this canvas to resemble a lady, the wood formed the frame, and all these paintings somehow over millions of years hung themselves on the wall. It’s absolutely astounding.” 

No one would think that. We would reason that there must have been a painter. He decided what to paint. He mixed the paint, applied the paint and framed his painting.   Workmen must have hung these paintings according to a specific plan and layout.  We know that nothing comes from nothing. When we look at the universe around us the same general rule must apply.