What Holy Communion isn’t

lords-supperToday we have a huge obsession with food.   My two favourite TV programmes are Masterchef and Come dine with me.   Never before in human history have we been so obsessed with the style, presentation and taste of food. 

Food of course is a good gift from God that he has given for our enjoyment, but we can easily turn a good thing into a bad thing – if we become too fixated about it! Christianity has its own meals also.   The Apostle Paul referred to fellowship meals among the Corinthian Christians as “the Lord’s meal” – in actual fact those Christians were behaving so badly that Paul said it was not the Lord’s meal (“supper”, 1 Corinthians 11:20) they were celebrating.

Church Prophecy

Why women could be prophets but not pastors

What I'm thinking: woman priest1 Corinthians 11:2-16 is one of the most controversial passages in the Bible.   Feminists detest this passage and try to make it mean something that it doesn’t mean.  Chauvinists have wrongly understood this passage to mean male superiority and supremacy.   We know of course that the Bible teaches that men and women are both created equally in the Image of God and worthy of respect and dignity.  Boko Haram’s insistence that girls should not be educated and are in some sense lesser than boys is totally unacceptable and demonic.  This passage teaches us a few things:


What is an Elder?

elders 1Leaders are very important; they can make or break any organisation, government or church.   Just as good leadership is vital to a country; so godly leadership is vital to the life, health and growth of the church.  The leaders in a church are called “elders”.  In our church it is the Elders that make up our Church Council.   Every two years, we as members nominate men who we believe will be godly elders; these men are screened by the existing church council; if accepted they must receive a majority vote at our Annual General Meeting to be on the Church Council.   We have adopted this model because we believe it’s wise and in accordance with the biblical model of church governance.