How did we get the Bible?

bibleWilliam Tyndale grew up in England in the 1500’s. Back then ordinary people did not own Bibles; they had to go to church to hear what the Bible had to say.   The church, at the time, believed that only the Pope and priests were educated enough to understand and interpret the Bible.   But there was a problem, the only version of the Bible tolerated in England was Jerome’s Latin translation which dated back to the 4th century and most of the priests could not understand Latin.

William Tyndale felt that God was calling him to translate the Bible into English so that all people, ordinary people, could read it for themselves.  God had given William a gift for languages and graduating from Oxford University he had mastered seven languages including Hebrew and Greek, the original languages of the Bible.  However, translating the Bible was against the law.

Christian Worldview

Are you trying to domesticate God?

domesticating godDog breeding has become a science. Once ferocious wild dogs and wolves have, over the centuries, been bred into domesticated, loveable pets that sit on your lap and sleep on your pillow.   We have even bred dogs for specific purposes.  The greyhound was bred for speed.  The sheepdog was bred to herd sheep.  The dachshund or badger dog was bred in Germany to fetch small animals from their burrows.  Like the pit bull, bulldogs were originally bred to help butchers control livestock.  The Yorkshire terrier was bred just to look cute (I think).  We have taken wild animals and domesticated them to serve our own purposes.

Book Recommendation

Taking God At His Word (Book Recommendation)

bookI thoroughly enjoyed reading Kevin DeYoung’s book, Taking God At His Word, about the authority, sufficiency, reliability and clarity of Scripture.  It’s an easy read and very, very good.  Kevin avoids all the technical jargon and gets to the heart of the issues.  You may be struggling with questions about the Bible and whether we need more words or messages from God today?  This book is for you.  You may be committed to the authority of Scripture and just need an encouragement to keep believing the Bible?  This book is for you.


How do we hear God’s words? (The importance of preaching)

statue-320858_640Many people today claim to hear or speak words that come from God.  From those who hear God speaking to them in a “still, small voice” to the preachers on TV claiming to have a new revelation from God.  A friend of mine has recently given me a copy of a new book called “The Little Blood Soaked Book” that has been printed in South Africa.  The author claims God took her into the Garden of Eden and revealed to her a new message for the world.  How do we hear God’s words?, is a very relevant question.