Is God immoral?

judgeAt the heart of the Gospel is a huge dilemma that may seem insurmountable, a major quandary that could appear insoluble, and it is this: How can a righteous God declare the guilty innocent?

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Why settle for Bill Gates’ fortune?

BuffetOften in the midst of financial slowdown we realise where our true confidence ought to be.  We can spend our entire lives accumulating wealth and providing simply for our physical needs, and then realise we cannot take it with us to the world to come.

Tutankhamen was an Egyptian Pharaoh who lived about 1300 BC. He thought he could take his wealth with him when he died.  He had his tomb filled treasure to enjoy in the Afterlife.  When Howard Carter discovered Tutankhamen tomb in 1922, the treasures where still there – worth hundreds of millions of rands.  Tutankhamen was gone, but the treasure was still there.

We may spend our entire lives accumulating wealth and the abundance of possessions, but we can’t take it with us. We need the right perspective.