How to make a decision (part 1)

ultra-spiritual-jp-searsIt seems that many Christians don’t like making decisions – they would prefer God to make their decisions for them.

To this end many Christians are constantly looking for signs, confirmations, fleeces, open door or closed doors (please excuse the Christian jargon).

Or else they are waiting for a “word of from the Lord”, a neon sign in the clouds or the nebulous “peace in my heart about the decision”.

Many decisions can be very important and we should certainly be spending time in prayer asking God for wisdom in making God-honouring choices.  However, it is important to not that God gives wisdom so that we can make the decisions, not Him

It also goes with saying that in the decision-making process the Bible is the highest authority in the Christian’s life.  As the Bible is the revealed Word and Will of God, so our decisions should be based on what the Bible says – that way we can be sure that we are honouring God with our choices.