Bad Theology

So you think you can (Prophetic) Dance?

A church in greater Cape Town has a “Prophetic Dance” ministry.

I like dancing as much as the next person, but this dance ministry over-reaches in its claims.

 “The dance ministry is prophetic of nature. This simply means that the dancer proclaims God’s truth through the use of their body…A variety of dance forms are used and combined for ultimate worship…Dance is also a powerful way to evangelize and at two opportunities a ‘Flash mob’ dance was done in a Shopping Centre and the dancers used this opportunity to minister to the people.” 

I’m sure I understand the Apostle Paul correctly when he wrote that “faith comes from hearing” (the gospel).  cf. Romans 10:14

The New Testament is consistent in its claim that the good news about Jesus needs to be communicated in words.  Gospel workers are called heralds, witnesses, teachers, preachers and evangelist.  The common trait in all these people is that they use words.


The true way of keeping Christmas








George Whitefield, an outstanding evangelist and preacher in the 1700’s, said in his sermon on “The true Way of Keeping Christmas”:

Did Jesus come into the world to save us from death, and shall we spend no part of our time in conversing about our dear Jesus; shall we pay no regard to the birth of him, who came to redeem us from the worst of slavery, from that of sin, and the devil; and shall this Jesus not only be born on our account, but likewise die in our stead, and yet shall we be unmindful of him?

Shall we spend our time in those things which are offensive to him? Shall we not rather do all we can to promote his glory, and act according to his command?

O my dear friends, be found in the ways of God; O be not so ungrateful to him who has been so kind to you! What could the Lord Jesus Christ have done for you more than he has?

Then do not abuse his mercy, but let your time be spent in thinking and talking of the love of Jesus, who was incarnate for us, who was born of a woman, and made under the law, to redeem us from the wrath to come.

Christian Worldview

A POW’s most significant Christmas


On 3 February, 1966, Captain Gerald Coffee was flying a reconnaissance jet over Vietnam to photograph ammunition sites.

The mission went like clockwork, but on the way back over the coast they were hit by enemy fire.  The plane spiralled down and Captain Coffee ejected.  He landed in the ocean where he was found by enemy forces, almost killed, then taken prisoner.

He was 31 yrs old, a prisoner of war among people his country had been bombing, and a Christian.

For 7 years he endured horrendous torture, squalid condition and ill-health – until he was released at the end of the Vietnam War.


The 3 big threats to the church

The church is every age faces great threats or challenges: external and internal**.  Not surprisingly, the challenges have not changed over the years.  Luke outlines these threats in his book in the Bible that describes the birth and growth of the early church – the book of Acts.


Investing with the real long-term view

Many people in our country are feeling quite anxious at the moment.  Racism, greed, corruption and violent crime seem out of control.

What would you say South Africa needs most of all right now?

Is it a better education system; fairer distribution of economic resources; more understanding between cultural groupings; an end to all corruption; more practical love and care between the rich and poor; or the apprehension of criminals?

I dare say that all these things are sorely needed.

But what we need most of all is the gospel of Jesus.  Because only the gospel can save and transform people – for this world and the world to come.

Once people are saved and transformed by Jesus, one will see the good things, listed above, happening more and more.

If we believe this, then our priority should be gospel ministry.  Our extra time, energy and income should be invested in the gospel – helping people find eternal life.