No, it’s not your body









I get so angry when pro-abortion activists say, “My body, my choice!”

The unborn baby’s body has its own brain, nervous system, blood-type, body parts and gender. How on earth could it ever possibly be part of your body?

“No matter how you spin it, women don’t have four arms and four legs when they’re pregnant. Those extra appendages belong to another human being(s) living inside of them.” (

You can choose to have sex or not, you can choose to take the pill or not, you can choose to ask your partner to wear a condom or not, you can choose to remain celibate.  You can choose a lot of things.

But when you fall pregnant, you now must live with the consequences of your choice and be responsible for the new, tiny person inside you.

When a baby is born there is no magic baby-fairy sprinkling magic baby-dust to make the “fetus” an actual “baby”.  From fertilization, a tiny human person has come into existence.

I’m outraged at those who promote the termination of tiny human persons.

We as Christians should be encouraging pro-life efforts by fostering and adopting more readily and by supporting children’s homes and adoption agencies.

We must love those who have had abortions, reminding them of God’s great forgiveness and the new life in Christ.

We must pray for and help those who, due to dire and desperate situations, are considering an abortion.

We must never hate people, even those who do the abortions, but rather pray for them and seek to win them over.

However, I’m still outraged.