Does God want to heal me?

I know this is a very sensitive question as many Christians struggle with all kinds of illness, depression, mental illness and genetic disorders.

Note that the question is not, “Can God heal me?”

We know that God can.

If God can create the universe by speaking words, he can do anything.

The reason I ask is because some churches are teaching that Jesus died to take away all ours sins and sicknesses.  They teach that physical health demonstrates a robust faith and physical weakness, or illness, demonstrates a weak faith. Health is therefore an indicator of the strength of one’s faith.

Healing miracles

Is the gift of healing for today? (Guest blog)

healingThere is a lot of disagreement among Christians on this question. Some believe that we should be seeing healing and miracles all the time in the church, while others believe that these gifts faded away with the foundations that the apostles laid in the early church.

In a previous post I argued that the gift of working of miracles is not for today.  In this post Alistair Anderton argues the same for the gift of healing. 

The book of Acts in the New Testament has many accounts of miraculous healing.  Acts 3 is a classic:


When God doesn’t heal

pastor chrisAt a recent Minister’s conference, a Zambian pastor was telling us about the huge increase in the number of super-pastors in Zambia. It’s very easy to spot them. They call themselves apostles or prophets or bishops and they normally have the words “ministries international” at the end of their names. If you want them to speak at your church you need to know that they charge a huge fee, must fly first class, must stay at a 5-star hotel and their must be at least 300 people in the audience. When they enter a church they always have an official Bible carrier and the entrance is accompanied by a great fanfare.

Perhaps these “pastors” don’t realise that Jesus had no job, no home and very little money.