Gospel and race: one humanity

I don’t know why, but every time I go shopping I always choose the trolley with the dodgy, squeaky, sticky wheel that keeps veering to the right or to the left. It’s quite a job to keep the trolley moving forward in a straight line.

In a similar way, it’s tough to keep having a correct, biblical worldview about life with all its many areas.

Our own in, the world’s systems, and Satan keep pulling us to the right or left, especially in our thinking about race.

We constantly need to check ourselves that we are keeping a straight line with what the Bible says.

May I humbly add that if you were raised in South Africa, particularly as a white person, you (and I) probably have a dodgy, sticky wheel in our worldview that pulls our thinking towards racial prejudice – without us even realizing it.

What does the Bible say about race?


Why evolution does not make any sense

Mona lisaCall me naïve, but good science tells us that nothing comes from nothing. For this reason, believing the theory of Evolution/Big Bang is like walking into the Louvre in Paris and when seeing the Mona Lisa, thinking to yourself, “It’s amazing how with time and random chance, the paint ended up on this canvas to resemble a lady, the wood formed the frame, and all these paintings somehow over millions of years hung themselves on the wall. It’s absolutely astounding.” 

No one would think that. We would reason that there must have been a painter. He decided what to paint. He mixed the paint, applied the paint and framed his painting.   Workmen must have hung these paintings according to a specific plan and layout.  We know that nothing comes from nothing. When we look at the universe around us the same general rule must apply.