Demon possession

Lord, deliver us from deliverance ministries

In some Christian circles today there is a huge emphasis on the demonic realm and “deliverance” ministries. There are books written, sermons preached, conferences attended and spiritual away weekends devoted to the subject.

TB Joshua is a so-called prophet of God in Nigeria.  A large part of his ministry is exorcism.   This “man of God” lays his hands on the faithful and rebukes the demons.  There is the usual vomiting, crying and falling.  He exorcises the demons of alcoholism, depression, poverty, sickness and whatever other bad spirit you may unknowingly have.

I was in a car accident when I was 10 years old and as a result walk with a bit of a limp.  A few years ago a well-meaning Christian asked if he could pray for me.  I agreed as prayer is always a good thing.  However, in his prayers he attempted to rebuke the Spirit of infirmity in me and demand my healing from God.  I stopped him mid-prayer and said thanks but no thanks.