Healing miracles

Is the gift of healing for today? (Guest blog)

healingThere is a lot of disagreement among Christians on this question. Some believe that we should be seeing healing and miracles all the time in the church, while others believe that these gifts faded away with the foundations that the apostles laid in the early church.

In a previous post I argued that the gift of working of miracles is not for today.  In this post Alistair Anderton argues the same for the gift of healing. 

The book of Acts in the New Testament has many accounts of miraculous healing.  Acts 3 is a classic:


Is the gift of working miracles for today?

When we read the New Testament we read of awesome miracles of healing and restoration. Blind people are given sight, the deaf hearing, paralytics are walking and the mute speaking.

What is the purpose of these miracles? Why did Jesus and his close followers perform them? Was Jesus just being nice? Well, Jesus was being nice but there is more to it than that. Hundreds of years earlier Isaiah the prophet spoke about the new era of God’s salvation that was to come.

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Claiming your miracle

I’m constantly surprised by the number of miracles crusades, healing services and even (I’m not lying!) raising the dead ceremonies in Cape Town in the name of Jesus. The basic premise underlying the theology of the organisers of these events is that signs, wonders and miracles should be common place in the Christian’s life. In fact, if they are not happening, you should doubt whether you are a real, bona fide Christian.