Religion Exposed!

The Tibetan Buddhists’ life consists of constant religious observances to obtain a better reincarnation. The believer is constantly spinning prayers wheels, going on pilgrimages, meditating, prostrating, using prayer beads and going on monastic isolations.  All this to build up merit to improve their karma to gain a better reincarnation, and – if possible – nirvana.

This kind of devotion is not uncommon.

The religious systems of our world are all schemes to obtain merit with God.

Whether you’re Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, a spiritualist, or whatever, you seek – by your own works – to get God to credit your salvation account.

Religion is spelt D.O. You DO things to get God’s approval.

Christian Worldview

Good news is better than good advice

good newsThere is a VAST difference between good advice and good news.

When the company you’ve invested in goes bankrupt and their share price starts falling, it is good advice to sell your shares as soon as possible. When your mechanic phones you and says your car is starting to give up its ghost and things are starting to go horribly wrong, its good advice to sell your car. When the school phones you to say that your teenage son has been bunking again and been caught smoking at the local mall, its good advice for your son to mentally prepare himself for a good dose of discipline. Good advice, you see, is often the result of bad news.