A prayer for the Middle East

ISISDear Lord of the armies of heaven (Lord of Hosts)

We pray about the war and genocide in the Middle East.

We pray for Christians, our brother and sisters, who are suffering and being persecuted; whose loved ones have been killed; whose children have been murdered; who find themselves in war and refugee camps, our brothers and sisters: we pray that you would strengthen their faith, remind them of your fatherly love and care, and that you use even the most terrible circumstances for good.  Please provide for them physically, spiritually and emotionally.   Please bring an end to the turmoil and violence.

We pray for Muslims and those of other faiths that have been affected by the violence and hatred.  Oh, Sovereign Lord, be pleased to use this massive evil and upheaval to bring many to faith in the living Lord Jesus Christ.  Please grant Christian people, especially in surrounding countries, a great love for their fellow human beings and deep desire to demonstrate the love of Christ in very practical ways.  May we never disregard the stranger and alien and orphan and widow in need.

We pray for the members of DAESH/ISIS.  Lord, please fill them with a realisation of the evilness and terribleness of their deeds.  Please bring them to repentance and faith in Christ.  Lord, if this is not your good will, be pleased to bring about swift justice upon them.  We remember that one day all will stand before the judgment seat of Christ and give an account for every deed.  Thank you that no one will escape your justice.

We pray these things in the precious and powerful name of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Commander of the armies of heaven.



Helpful articles on The Gospel Coalition website on ISIS here and here.



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