Jesus' death

The killing of the son of God

JesusIt’s an historical fact that Jesus was executed, but who was responsible? 

The Roman soldiers and the Roman governor were responsible for Jesus’ death

Pontius Pilate the Roman governor handed Jesus over to be crucified.  Pilate saw that Jesus might cause a riot and that would be politically bad for him in Rome’s eyes – political intrigue was a reality even back then.  Pilate was definitely responsible.

The Jewish religious leaders were responsible for Jesus’ death

The Bible tells us they were jealous of Jesus as many people were following Jesus.  The Jewish Ruling Council had Jesus arrested quietly at night as not to cause a disturbance.  They held a charade of a trial where the witnesses contradicted themselves.

Judas Iscariot was responsible for Jesus’ death

The Bible tells us that Judas Iscariot got the ball rolling and he put into effect the events which led up to Jesus’ death.  He betrayed Jesus for money to the religious leaders, who handed Jesus over to Pilate, who handed Jesus over to the soldiers. 

Yet, there is more going on than what we first realize.

Our sin was responsible for Jesus’ death


Jesus said that he came into world to seek and save sinners.   The Bible tells us he came precisely to die to pay the just penalty for sin, rebellion and wrongdoing so that sinners can be forgiven.  Jesus came to bear the full wrath of God for our sin.  That’s why Jesus cried, “My God, my God why have you forsaken me?” God cannot look upon sin and Jesus was bearing all the sin of all God’s people.  Our sin and rebellion put Jesus on cross. 

But there’s even more to Jesus’ death.

God was responsible for Jesus’ death

God the Father had ordained and determined and purposed before the creation of the world that God the Son would die for sin.   The Old Testament Scriptures, including Isaiah 53, say it must happen.

Jesus wasn’t a martyr.  No-one killed him.  He gave up his life of his own accord in obedience to his Father’s will

Jesus knew that these things had to happen in order for to achieve forgiveness and lasting joy for all God’s people. 

How do we respond?

The right response to God giving Jesus to die for us is that we say thank you.  In Bible terms that means repenting of sin and trusting Jesus to save us.

  1. Admit that you are sinner and fall short of God’s standards.
  2. Believe that Christ died for you as per the gracious plan of God.
  3. Come to Christ in prayer and tell him that you want to follow him as Lord and Saviour.  

Tomorrow is called Good Friday because Jesus secured forgiveness and lasting joy for those who belong to him.



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