The Social Gospel

Jesus lived at the time when the Roman Empire was the superpower.  The Romans had built magnificent cities, building and roads.

At our annual Missions Conference this past weekend we were reminded how the gospel spread via these roads.  Roads were the “social media” and “social platform” of the first few centuries AD. People chatted on the roads; roads interlinked towns; roads were used for business and for travelling together (strength in numbers); roads were one of the main public social spaces; roads were very social; roads ideally suited the spread of the gospel of Jesus.  Ordinary people spoke about Jesus to others on these roads and shared the gospel in the various towns these roads lead to.  It was ordinary, everyday, organic evangelism.
New churches, as a direct consequence, were planted all along these Roman roads.
What are our equivalents of the “Roman road” system?  What are the public social spaces open to us in which we can naturally talk about Jesus?
Is it perhaps:
Chatting to other parents at your child’s birthday party?
A Mixed Martial Arts class?
The golf course?
An open home as you invite newcomers to tea after a church service?
A hiking club?
A blog?
A regular morning walk with a neighbour to keep fit?
A college social?
Coffee at Vida e cafe?
What do you think? Any other ideas?

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