No, it’s not your body









I get so angry when pro-abortion activists say, “My body, my choice!”

The unborn baby’s body has its own brain, nervous system, blood-type, body parts and gender. How on earth could it ever possibly be part of your body?

“No matter how you spin it, women don’t have four arms and four legs when they’re pregnant. Those extra appendages belong to another human being(s) living inside of them.” (

You can choose to have sex or not, you can choose to take the pill or not, you can choose to ask your partner to wear a condom or not, you can choose to remain celibate.  You can choose a lot of things.

But when you fall pregnant, you now must live with the consequences of your choice and be responsible for the new, tiny person inside you.


Abortion and magic fairy-dust

20 week old pre-born baby

It seems to me that “pro-choice”, pro-abortion people believe in a magic baby-fairy that sprinkles magic baby-dust on the “fetus” as it passes through the birth canal magically transforming it into a proper baby.


He did evil in the eyes of the Lord

kingKing Manasseh is a conundrum.  He was the most evil king Judah ever had and yet he was the longest reigning king. (cf. 2 Chronicles 33)  In the Old Testament books of Kings and Chronicles every king’s life is summed up either by, “he did what was evil in the sight of the Lord” or “he did what was right in the eyes of the Lord.”  No matter what the king’s military gains, political accomplishments, feats of bravery or economic successes, in the end it boiled down to this one thing.


What did Jesus teach about hell?

fire2Jesus believed in and warned people about a place called hell.  The word he used was “gehenna”, which is normally translated in our English Bibles as “hell”.


In Old Testament times the valley south-west of Jerusalem was called Ge Hinnom and it was the city’s rubbish dump.  It was a notorious valley that was previously used as a place of child-sacrifice to Molech* the detestable God of the Ammonites.  Molech’s image was believed to have been a hollow brazen figure, with the head of an ox, and outstretched human arms.   The figure was heated red hot by a fire from within and the babies placed in its arms to be slowly burned, while to prevent the parents from hearing the dying cries, the sacrificing priests beat drums.