Adoption as sons

Caesar Augustus
Caesar Augustus

Julius Caesar was a great Roman General, with unmatched military ability.    He lived from 100 BC to 44 BC and became Leader of the Roman Empire.  Julius Caesar played a critical role in the Roman Republic, ruled largely by a Senate, becoming the Roman Empire, ruled largely by one man – the Emperor. 

What is less know about Julius Caesar is that he adopted a son.

In Roman times, adoption was viewed with high honour and was not uncommon.  Frequently, affluent but childless couples looked to adopt, as in the case today.  Conversely, families with numerous children viewed adoption as a way to make money.   Roman adoption usually involved parents giving up teenagers for adoption.  Perhaps the most famous Roman adoption was when Julius Caesar adopted the 19-year-old Octavian.

When Julius Caesar was assassinated, Octavian was Son and Heir and thus became Emperor.  He was later known as Caesar Augustus and it was he who reigned during the birth of Jesus.

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