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Christmas and the coming of the Serpent-Crusher

Where in the Bible do we find the first promise of the gospel?

Would you believe that it’s in the third chapter of the Bible’s first book, Genesis 3.

Genesis 1 and 2 tell us that God created the universe and everything in it. God created human beings to live in his good world under his authority and rule. However in Genesis 3, Satan taking on the form of a snake, tempts Eve to doubt and disobey God. Eve eats of the fruit God had said not to and gives to Adam who was with her.

Eating some fruit may not seem like a big deal, but it is. Adam and Eve want to decide for themselves what’s ultimately right and wrong; they want to be “god” unto themselves.

Genesis 3 is the “de-throning” of God by humans and replacing him with ourselves (as if that were possible!)

Christian Worldview

Santa should be fired


After much thought and deliberation, it is my considered opinion that Santa should be fired, or a least be given a voluntary retirement package. 

He’s done a good job over the years, who can deny that, but his time has come and he has reached his expiry date.

Before you get irate over the proposed ending of such a traditional tradition, please consider my reasoning.


The fable of the stable

Did you know that nowhere in the Bible does it say that Jesus was born in a stable?  In fact, a stable-birth seems highly improbable when taking into account what the text actually says and  Middle Eastern hospitality.

Son of God

Joseph the Just

Mary, the mother of Jesus, is quite popular.  All Christians admire her.  Some Christians even pray to her.  She has statues, artwork and stained glass windows depicting her.  On the other hand, little is said of Joseph, Jesus’ legal father.   We will see that Joseph was a courageous, just, strong, and gracious man and even a model for us.