So you think you can (Prophetic) Dance?

A church in greater Cape Town has a “Prophetic Dance” ministry.

I like dancing as much as the next person, but this dance ministry over-reaches in its claims.

 “The dance ministry is prophetic of nature. This simply means that the dancer proclaims God’s truth through the use of their body…A variety of dance forms are used and combined for ultimate worship…Dance is also a powerful way to evangelize and at two opportunities a ‘Flash mob’ dance was done in a Shopping Centre and the dancers used this opportunity to minister to the people.” 

I’m sure I understand the Apostle Paul correctly when he wrote that “faith comes from hearing” (the gospel).  cf. Romans 10:14

The New Testament is consistent in its claim that the good news about Jesus needs to be communicated in words.  Gospel workers are called heralds, witnesses, teachers, preachers and evangelist.  The common trait in all these people is that they use words.

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