Demon possession

Dealing with demons

devilHow should Christians relate to the demonic world? 

On the one hand, there a Christian sub-culture obsessed with demon possession and “deliverance” ministries.   According to this worldview, there are generational demons, poverty demons, sickness demons and even demons that make one infertile. 

The key to a powerful Christian ministry is to identify the particular demon involved and cast it out in Jesus’ name.  T.B. Joshua is perhaps the most infamous adherent to this model of ministry.

On the other hand, there is a Christian sub-culture that dismisses the supernatural and the spirit-world. 

According to this worldview, there is a rational, cause-and-effect, scientific explanation for everything that happens.  Demon-possession was simply the uniformed explanation for illnesses in Bible times that were not understood.  We know better now.   


Satanic Intentions and failed exorcisms

How do we deal with Satan and evil in the world today?

Do we wear crosses as magical protection talismans to ward off demons? Should we create a spiritual force field around our cars by pasting on a fish symbol? Perhaps having a priest sprinkle our new home with holy water will do the trick?

Jesus in Mark 9 gives us the answer: Depend on God in faith by prayer.