Christian Worldview

You don’t have to be Arnold Schwarzenegger (or Barbie)

According to body- image surveys, most girls are overly concerned about weight and body shape. They strive for their “perfect” body and judge themselves by their looks. 

Most boys are also concerned with their body, their size and strength.  Boys live in a culture that showcases males as glamorous, “macho” figures, who build muscles and sculpt their bodies – if they want to fit in.

The media plays a big part.  Surrounded by photo-shopped models, teenagers and adults are presented with an impossible goal.   A female should apparently look like Barbie and a male should look like Arnold Schwarzenegger.  In our image-dominated world, image is everything and we are taught to hate any imperfections or deficiencies.

This creates depression and anxiety, because very few of us look like Barbie or Arnold – nor were we meant to.  How do you think about yourself?  Do you have a low self-image?  Perhaps you have a glaring imperfection, disability or limitation, that causes you to think less of yourself?  Perhaps you even think you’re worth less to God?