False teachers

The hatefulness of LGBT-affirming churches

Many churches today have embraced the new sexual revolution in the name of love.

“As long as people love one another and are true to themselves”, is the new battle-cry.

These LGBT-affirming churches say that they are very loving and caring to affirm same-sex relationships, same-sex marriage and the notions of transgender and gender fluidity.

Churches and church leaders not affirming LGBT relationships are lampooned as bigots, homophobic and hatemongers.

In stark contrast, the letter of 1 John in the New Testament (the letter of love!), says that the LGBT-affirming churches and leaders are not acting in love, but rather in hate, because they are not telling those in their care the truth about sin.

Christian Worldview

The true art of love

loveThe top question asked of Google last year was, “What is love?” That’s telling – perhaps people are a little confused about what love ought to be!  I read a very interesting article on the BBC website called “Down with romantic love”.  The author, who is not a Christian, speculates that our idealised notion of romantic love is actually the biggest enemy of long-lasting relationships.  I think he has a point.