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Countdown to the real Day Zero

Day Zero refers to the day when the City of Cape Town will shut off the water supply to taps because dams have reached a collective level of 13.5 percent. Residents will have to physically collect water at collection points – a maximum of 25 litres per person per day.

To avoid Day Zero the City is asking residents not to use more than 50 litres per person per day.  Unfortunately, it seems that not enough Capetonians are adhering to this limit.

The Democratic Alliance, who controls the Western Cape and the City of Cape Town, has a four-point plan to save Cape Town called #DefeatDayZero

Day Zero now seems to be the topic of every conversation.

And Capetonians are hoping and praying that Day Zero will be avoided.

Yet there is another Day Zero that will have far more severe consequences and repercussions.  This Day Zero cannot be avoided or defeated.

Sadly, most Capetonians don’t even think about this day.