Wait, don’t emigrate


I’m sure you also enjoy watching the home renovation shows on TV.  The family goes away for a few days, a specialized building and renovation team come in, and when the family turns they can’t believe their eyes.  There is a new, improved, better house and everyone’s happy, crying and hugging.  

The Bible tells us that this is what’s going to happen to our world and universe.  At a time in the future that only God knows, our present world and universe will be set free from its bondage to corruption and be totally renovated, renewed and transformed into what God intended it to be.

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Is the world officially out of control?

god at workYou probably have watched the news this week and seen the aeroplane crashes, the storms, the violent invasions, the violence, the sorrow and all the pain – and thought to yourself – the world is officially out of control.  The Bible, however, tells us that the world is, for the record, not out of control; but continually being governed and directed by a sovereign God.

Lord of all

When we speak of God’s “sovereignty”, theologians also use the word “providence”.  “Sovereign” means absolute ruler or someone possessing supreme or ultimate power.  This is of course true of God – that’s why we call him “God”.  By the term “providence”, we mean that because God is absolute ruler, he preserves and governs everything in the universe as well – including your life and circumstances.

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