Will our pets be in heaven?

Pets in heavenYesterday we sadly had to have one of our beloved dogs put down. Charlie had suddenly developed intervertebral disk disease (IVDD) and his hind quarters were rapidly paralysed. I have never thought much about pets and heaven – but am doing so now! Will our pets be in heaven?

Of course this is a matter of speculation as there is no clear biblical statement on the issue. However, I like the thinking of Randy Alcorn on the subject (and I know I’m probably biased). Here is an extensive quote:

‘We know animals will be on the New Earth, which is a redeemed and restored old Earth, in which animals had a prominent role. People will be resurrected to inhabit this world. Romans 8:21-23 assumes animals as part of a suffering creation eagerly awaiting deliverance through humanity’s resurrection. This seems to require that some animals who lived, suffered, and died on the old Earth must be made whole on the New Earth. Wouldn’t some of those likely be our pets?

Doctrine Second Coming

God’s trumpet and air meetings?

What will happen when Jesus returns as conquering hero?  Will we float forever in the clouds? 

The Bible teaches that Jesus lived, died, rose back to life, ascended to heaven (from where he now reigns and rules) and promised to come back to us at what is commonly called the Second Coming.  

In 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 the apostle Paul, the author of a large chunk of the New Testament, speaks about the Second Coming of Jesus.

 This passage mentions two things that will happen:  God will blow his trumpet and all Christians will meet Jesus in the air.  What’s this all about?