Christian Worldview

The Christian life is war

warWe hear a lot about war and the word often has very negative connotations for us.  Did you know that the Christian life can be described as war and battle and struggle? Becoming a Christian may seem to some as the easy way out, but it’s certainly not.  According to Romans 7, becoming a Christian is enlisting for war.  This chapter is one of my favourite chapters in the Bible because it gives me great hope knowing that even the great apostle Paul struggled and battled with sin.


To obey or not to obey?

ten commandmentsWhat place does the Law, epitomized in the Ten Commandments, have in the Christian’s life?  Are we free of the Law and not under obligation to obey it?  If we seek to obey God’s Law are we not being legalists and fundamentalist?  What does the bible mean when it says Christians are under grace, not Law?

Romans 7 answers an important question about the Law’s place in the Christian’s life.  By “Law”, I mean the law given by God to Moses epitomized in the Ten Commandments.