Women in ministry

How can we appropriately recognize women in ministry?

In most churches, including ours, women play a vital role in all kinds of ministries. We also have women in our staff team. How should we as a denomination (and a local church) appropriately recognize and acknowledge women in ministry, especially those leading ministries and in full-time ministry?

One suggestion is that we should set apart women in these ministries as deacons or deaconesses i.e. give women an officially recognized title, like their male counterparts.

There is of course debate as to whether or not women can hold the office of deacon or not.  Here is why I think women can:


Lessons for leaders (part 2)

In my previous blog I dealt with Elders in 1 Timothy 3:1-7.  Elders are suitably qualified men who serve the people of God primarily by teaching the word of God.  Now we look at deacons (v8-12).


In v8 we come to a new category of people, called deacons.  Greek word is diakonos, which simply means servant.  In the Christian life servanthood and spiritual service are very important.  We should all be serving in some way, we should all be servants.  The church does not only need pastors, overseers and elders, it also needs administrators, organizers and workers to implement what’s being taught from the Word of God.  These people are known as deacons in the official sense.    It’s not that they can’t teach, but that is not their primary function.