Christian living

Why work is good

workThe Bible does not give us a definition of work, but we might define work as the activities that we are principally engaged in during the week, whether paid or unpaid, whether in the home or out the home.

What does the Bible say about work?  God is the creator of the universe and therefore the universe belongs to him. And because God is God over everything in the universe, that must include our leisure, social life, marriage, bank account and work. There can be no hidden compartments.  Moreover, because the gospel is true and we have believed the gospel, it must affect and influence how we spend our money, how we use our leisure time, how we conduct our friendships and our attitude to work.

Christian Worldview

Why Sundays are special

sunday specialEric Liddell, Scotland’s fastest athlete at the time and a Christian, refused to run in a heat in the 1924 Paris Olympics held on a Sunday and was forced to withdraw from the 100-metres race, his best event. The schedule had been published several months earlier, and his decision was made well before the Games. The Scottish media crucified him for being unpatriotic and narrow-minded.

Eric went on to compete in the 400m. He knew his chances of winning the 400-meter race were small because two of the runners in this race had set world record times. On the day of the race Eric was assigned the outside lane, the worst lane. However, one of the American team trainers had slipped Eric a piece of paper with a quotation from 1 Samuel 2:30: “Those who honor me I will honor.”